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A Message to Investors in Short Sales and REOs

Gala Resources LLC is a leader in the financing of the purchase of REO’s and short-sales from banks. We specialize in providing fast, efficient funding for projects that require immediate finance.

If you are Googling REO finance or Short Sale finance, looking for a source of fast funding to move an investment project ahead, search no more!

Our highest priority is providing short-term financing to experienced real estate investors who purchase 1 - 4 family homes through REOs or Short Sales.

Here are two recent examples of how we finance REO and Short Sales investment projects:

New Jersey - Short Sale financing
Investor purchased a two-family home in short sale from a bank. Property value is $250,000. Purchase price was $118,000. Renovation cost of $20,000 needed to complete project. We lent investor 75% of purchase and renovation cost. Property to be finished and ready for sale within 90 days for projected completed value.

Brooklyn - REO financing
Investor purchased a two-family REO from a financial institution for $215,000. Property value on completion was projected to be $350,000. We lent investor 75% of the purchase price. Investor provided all funds for renovation. Property was purchases, completed and sold within four months. We were paid off in full. There was no prepayment penalty.

Please remember:

● We do not finance owner-occupied properties.
● We work with experienced investors only.

● We fund projects in these areas:
  • New York City (all boroughs of the city)
  • New York State (Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland counties)
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia

If you are an experienced investor looking for "finance Short Sale" or "finance REO", we look forward to working with you. Contact us now!

Thank you.

Gala Resources LLC


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