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Financing Foreclosures

Although sales in the real estate marketplace have slowed considerably from their record levels of recent years, one segment of the market offering some great opportunities has become much more active foreclosures.

This is a fast moving market where some conventional sources of real estate lending exited the market, while others have retrenched or become even more cautious. Opportunities to buy foreclosed properties can be easily lost.

For investors and dealers who do not want to sit on the sidelines (and do not want to find partners who, of course, will want a substantial share of the project equity) an experienced direct hard money lender like Gala Resources  can be the solution to your participation in purchases of foreclosures.

We are not "sitting-out" the real estate slowdown, the higher rates of foreclosure and the problems of undisciplined lending to sub-prime home buyers. We continue to have short term funds available for real estate investors and dealers. We believe that some of the best project possibilities today will be found in foreclosed residential real estate. Many experienced dealers are still active in this market, and we are ready to work with them.

Gala Resources helps finance investments in residential foreclosed properties. If you are an experienced investor or dealer, contact us now.


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